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It is my mission to connect, support, and guide each and every soul on this Earth, and in this lifetime to experience their truest form of soul empowered self. To know what is possible for them to not only heal through, but to achieve and receive abundance in all areas of their lives.

With over 7 years of experience in personal development, mindset support and specialized energy healing modalities; and trained in 150+ therapies & healing techniques.. 

Journey with me in the endless ways of self discovery, empowered states of being, re-writing and rewriting your stories and living a life in alignment with your best self!

I support you, always, all ways. All of you - your mind, body, soul, and emotional empowerment!

Through soulful Strategic coaching + energetic healing support I have a "meet - you - where - you - are - at"  style of compassionate yet structural flow while also providing a safe space holding environment.

Supporting  You In  Your  Journey, Always!
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                                to traditional therapy sessions where you just keep reliving the past and gouging old wounds with snail paced progress in a 18 month span and                              to a soulful healing and long lasting results driven approach of coaching with as little as 3-4 month milestone results.

Say Goodbye..

Say Hello

Identity & Soul Identity Discovery

S-ART Sacred Anger Release Therapy

Body Image Therapies

Mindset Re-writing & Beliefs 

Relationship Support 

Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT

Forgiveness Work

Somatic Regulations 

Mental Body, Emotional Body, Physical Body Layers

Learn Your Attachment Style

Your Old vs New Ways of Operating

Reveal Deep Seeded Subconscious Programs

Supportive Energy Healing Practices

Trauma Therapy Support - CPTSD, etc.

Boundaries & Foundation Setting

Emotional Management & Mastery

Timeline Therapy, NLP, Etc

Finding Safety in Self + Security from Within

Inner-Child Reflection Healing


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Fire of Life Academy has been uniquely designed to fill any and all of your soul needs. Each program has a sacred and high vibrational intention to help assist and hold space for the new burning fire in your soul- each course is designed to support you in illuminating the knowledge you already have in side of your soul and assisting you in expanding your sight on your path of life.

Courses range from topics such as :

✘ Personal Development

✘ Intuition Training 

✘ Basic Everyday Life Skills

✘ Spiritual Support

✘ Mindset & Emotional Mastery

✘ Intro to Soul Based Living

✘ & So Much More!

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I not only lead the way & hold space for others to discover what is possible; but I teach leaders how to expand and diversify their own leadership and coaching platforms to provide a limitless healing and self development skills to their audience as well.

Whether you are looking to expand your skills for your own personal development journey or you are a leader in the community of healing, growth, and mind body soul expansion my certifications are deigned to support and teach you how to lead yourself and those around you.

Current Leadership Certifications Include:

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