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Voxer Coaching is in the Moment Support in ANY area of life/business. Where we text and voice note back and forth creating breakthroughs, awareness, and alignment.

You will receive direct and unlimited access and support from me 7 Days a week between 7a-7p to walk with you hand in hand, provide guidance and most of all... accountability!!! During our time together we will flow back and forth on and off between us via Voxer all day. This allows us to dig deep into whatever is keeping you stuck....while transforming lives of course.


Join Me Live for this masterclass series!


One-on-One Coaching + High Level Support

& Unlimited Inbox Access!

Develop new awareness around and practice self healing with personal growth coaching support and guidance. Learn about yourself, wake up to what no longer serves you and sets in forward motion new self healing and personal growth tools in your daily life. Begin to see the changes you desire.


In a space created with you to awaken, release, connect with your core self. It is important to note that when we create space to bring up a growth topic to the surface it is quite common for other intertwined areas of healing become present as they are needed to create the new practice and growth you desire.

✘ 21 Day Guided Course

 ✘  Daily Soul Work

✘ A Space to Connect 1:1

✘ 3 Level Meditations

✘ Personal Soul Aspect Retrieval 

✘ Group Space



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Become a Certified Shakti Facilitator 

By the end of the shakti facilitator training you will be able to:

  • Understand what Shakti Energy is

  • Discover the Frequency of Receiving 

  • Facilitate a Womb Vortex Healing Circle

  • Experience the Protection Rose Activation

  • Learn What Trauma is Stored

  • Receive AANWP accredited facilitator certification


Get Certified in Shakti Energy Facilitations



Fiercely Free Soulciety

I have created a community and inner circle where the souls of men and women are recognized beyond their societal roles and a place where one can be accepted for who they are, an motivating each others collectively toward their own expansion. Fiercely Free Soulciety is a space where you are supported in expanding and elevating your awareness, reclaiming what is yours, and leading yourself and those around you from a conscious and empowered elevated life.

You were not put on this earth to be like everyone else. You were not incarnated in this lifetime to stay small, quiet, or turn the other cheek. You came here to shine your light, to learn lessons of freedom, compassion, and love, for self and others. To be the most fierce and freeing version of YOU. All of the hardships and trauma you have endured were lesson, and you may find they were the best thing that ever happened to you. In contribution to shaping you to be the amazing person you are today.

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