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You've Made It!

Congrats babe! You're here; which means that you are so ready to join me in an amazing adventure of Activating your Soul Centered Brand Strategy & Attuning you to your future abundance frequencies, all while learning how to call in your soulmate clients! 

Welcome to the Inner Circle of : Activate Brand

>>  Workshop<<

If you're a visionary, light leader, energetic healer, or wellness guide it's time for you to serious step it up, you got an amazing gift to share!

During the next 4 weeks in our inner circle workshop; I'm going to show you how you can step into a fully aligned profitable brand designed from your soul!

This workshop has been divinely downloaded and ready to put to use by those who have a burning fiery passion and ready to really align it with their brand! 


Taking out the confusion, misplacement, and un-alignment out of your brand elements to building your newly aligned you to your brand archetype,  mission, position, and core values has never been more celebrated!

Soul + Strategy!

Go beyond those pretty colors and fonts, you deserve it! 

In this 3 week journey we will :

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Evaluate & Activate

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Discover Your

Brand Archetype

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Reveal your Mission


Solidify your Core

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Align your Message


Activate Aesthetic


If you have ever taken a course of mine before you know there are tons of bonus items & free value!!!

Activate The New Brand You Deserve to

Match Your Soul Centered Passion!

A high vibing group experience with one on one like soul focus.

Choose your energetic investment option!

Option 1:


Complimentary Hour Long

Post Workshop Strategy Call


Option 2:

Two Payments of 

Pay once a month for 2 months


Option 3:

Four Bi-Weekly Payments of 

Bi- weekly payments of 4 payments 


We Start October 18th !

Once you register you will receive an email to

1. Invite you to the group, where you will be added to a group chat

2. You'll receive the membership login page where the course will be held!

While spending the week journeying through the beautiful wine country of Ensanada, Mexico this divine download came through to me (I promise, I wasn't drinking that much wine, lol) 

A vision for all my beautiful soulful and spiritual clients to experience the feeling of full brand activation without the expense of my 1 on 1 journey.

I have created this beautiful course/workshop for a soul that is ready to step fully into their passion and backed by a gorgeous soulful strategic brand!

It doesn't matter if you have been in business for 6 months or 6 years... all that matters is that you're here and ready!

During our time together we will, discover, connect, uplevel and journey through our own personal brand activations in a group setting, with 1 on 1 like soul focus.

Not quite sure if this journey is for you and wanting to connect first?!

That's fine!! I would love to connect with you! 

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