Divine Fem Leader
Business Mentor 

Hiii Love,

   I've Been Waiting For You!!

No, it's true!! I've been waiting for you!!

There's this thing I like to call Cosmic Alignment... and I believe everything happens for a reason... yes, even you! here!! landing on my sacred space, my home where I get to show you who I am & what I do: this home being my website!

So, hello soul fam! I am so excited to get to know you better and hopefully have you in my space for a long time to come!!

I am Avery Lane, also known as The Visionary Goddess!

I am your Divine Feminine Embodiment Facilitator AND Spiritual Business Mentor 🖤

THAT’S RIGHT... I am a multi passionate entrepreneur under one soul centered business: Avery Lane .Co 

I Support the Goddess within you that is ready to Arise, Step into her own embodied euphoria & Share her gifts with the world!

I specialize in:
✖️Intuitive Business Guidance & Timeline Insight

✖️Divine Feminine Goddess Connection & Creation Codes

✖️ Activating your Soul Aligned Business Vision

✖️ Creating Containers for the Divine Feminine to Gather & Arise Together

Love notes from my clients! <3


Hear the magic for yourself:

I Would love to support you with:

So, what are you waiting for?!
Let's Go!!

My mission is to connect, support, and uplevel each and every passionate female entrepreneur I encounter! 

Here are just a few of my favorite ways I can support you in your amazing soul-led Business or Divine Feminine Journey!! Choose your soulfilled service, course, or workshop below by clicking on the button & let's connect!

Awaken The Goddess Within

I invited to unlock six mystical golden gateways to your true self.

Each one directly leads you to the most sacred aspects of your own unique and beautiful soul blueprint.

The Visionary Goddess Mentorship

A 3 month 1:1 Mentorship  journey into discovering your soul-led business passion & positioning yourself for success & aligning with your soulmate clients. 

+ 1:1 energy healing sessions, creation codes and all thing business mentoring. <3

Illuminessensce in person Retreat!

Carefree, AZ Oct 15-19

A sacred weekend dedicated to deepening your divine feminine, embodying your essences, & illuminating your goddess radiance within.


These are only just my favorite ways you can connect with me, to view more on what I offer & how we can work together you can view more options that might suit your needs better!!!



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