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I'm a Taurus Moon & Virgo Rising -- so get ready to be loved and lead like never before! I care deeply about your entire holistic evolution while you're connecting with your true soul's purpose and living in alignment with your higher-self design! 

My Degrees + Certifications: 

  • 5 + years in a Soul Centered Business Journey

  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing & Communications

  • Bachelor's Degree in Nursing

  • Reiki Master Certified

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certified Energy Healer

  • Story Telling Brand Certified + Carl Jung Archetype Brand Certified

  • Graduate of Aquarian Business Academy by Guru Jaget

My street cred: 

  • I've always been an entrepreneur at heart since age 17

  • Manifesting Generator Human Design Archetype

  • Produced over 150+ Business Coaching Client Results

  • Crystallin Attuned to provide Quantum intuitive knowledge

  • Divine Feminine facilitator with 8 soul-led retreats in the books

  • Clear Channel for Source + Natural Timeline Seeing Abilities

When I'm Not Working:

You can find me playing in God's beautiful creation! I love everything nature, travel, and adventure related as well as being like a sponge and soaking up so much knowledge to better support my journey on this Earth as well as supporting my soulmate clients in all the ways!!! 

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Hiii Love,

   I've Been Waiting For You!!

No, it's true!! I've been waiting for you!!

There's this thing I like to call Cosmic Alignment... and I believe everything happens for a reason... yes, even you! here!! landing on my sacred space, my home where I get to show you who I am & what I do: this home being my website!

So, hello soul fam! I am so excited to get to know you better and hopefully have you in my space for a long time to come!!

I am Avery Lane, also known as The Visionary Goddess!

I am your Divine Feminine Embodiment Facilitator AND Spiritual Business Mentor 🖤

THAT’S RIGHT... I am a multi passionate entrepreneur under one soul centered business: Avery Lane .Co 

I Support the Goddess within you that is ready to Arise, Step into her own embodied euphoria & Share her gifts with the world!

I specialize in:
✖️Intuitive Business Guidance & Timeline Insight

✖️Divine Feminine Goddess Connection & Creation Codes

✖️ Activating your Soul Aligned Business Vision

✖️ Creating Containers for the Divine Feminine to Gather & Arise Together