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Blueprint brand with soul.png

Blueprint Branding with Soul


The Blueprint Branding with Soul is your guide to DIY your soulful branding journey!

I’ve taken allll of my years & knowledge of being an Energy Brand Designer and Strategist and put it into this self study program for those who want to build their champagne brand on a limited budget.

Energetuc Investment $97

Awaken the Goddess Within.png

Awaken the Goddess Within

Activate your internal Goddess Energy


Goddess Connections (3).png

Divine Energies In Branding (​mini-course)

Learning the divine energies present in your brand is a vital ​aspect to creating your brand message and leveraging your self among soulmate clients !

In this mini-course and workbook attachment you will uncover the key words, that align you in both a feminine and masculine manner!

Finding balance between your masculine and feminine energies; can be a powerful tool for bringing the right clients for your products or services! 

Energetic Investment $11

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