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Revitalize & nourish your mind, body, and soul

With us in sacred setting in the beautiful luscious Georgetown, TX 20 minutes outside of Austin. Whether you are a beginner or have been on your spiritual journey for a while, this retreat will root you and your soul more deeply in the grounding of your being.

Let us hold space for you as you detach and deeply receive rest from the hectic and fragmented world we live in.... during our weekend together we invite you take this time and opportunity to fill yourself up after such a tumultuous year and to engage in small doses of teachings of spiritual healing tools, moments of gratitude and an abundance of pouring into you, within our supportive and sacred soul community!

By the end we promise you will leave more centered and grounded in their identity, with a deeper understanding for how to integrate their inner life of soul aligned lessons with their outer life of activity. Simply taste the possibility of living from a place of more wholeness, peace and compassion by simply saying "yes" to your soul and allowing yourself to ground into your true knowing!



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extra bits of info <3

community guidelines:

for everyone's health & safety we will be following accordingly!

it's important to us that we follow community guidelines to provide the best experience possible. sacred spaces are limited in our gatherings for everyone's safety, if you do not feel safe to gather please refrain from reserving your spot as spaces are limited - everyone will be required to fill out a waiver upon arrival

Food n' accommodations :

... but I have an intolerance or don't like specific food... how can i enjoy my meals?!

don't worry babe! Dietary restrictions will be accommodated for group meals. We will be asking more about this in the pre-retreat questions we send to you after registration!

communication :

say "hello" to more members of your soul tribe!!!!

for each retreat, a private facebook group is created – this can help retreat participants get to know each other before the weekend, or collaborate on transportation, accommodation, resources, etc. In the past, women have found these groups helpful for feeling a sense of safety and community with each other before the retreat begins. The group will also be particularly helpful for coordinating travel arrangements.

Policy n' payment deets:

be sure to review for your safety & ours.. we would hate to have a miss-understanding..

all terms and conditions are here for you to see and know of before paying for your spot. no refunds are given for cancellations made 60 days before the retreat this includes day passes and event tickets as spots are limited and time together is sacred please respect this policy and read thoroughly before reserving your non-refundable ticket. 


Have a question?! Ask away!
We are here to answer any and all questions you have!