Energy Healing Sessions

You're in luck!!! I am FINALLY opening up my energy healing session outside of my 1:1 and signature programs & YOU get to take advantage these amazing healing opportunities! 


Hear the magic for yourself:

Choose your session type:

Session types change as my compatibility to certain energy changes, I will never offer a healing that I can not fully give. This makes my sessions more powerful and divine as the energy healing & activations is only given to limited number of times.

Expect to receive more out of your sessions than ever before.

There are two signature session types that will always be there, but the other 2 types of sessions change periodically, so spaces are limited and experiences are even more amazing! 

Signature Sessions:





Mind, Body, Soul Healing

90 min connection call + Energy Healing session

In this beautiful 8 layers of the energetic self and 7 chakra alignment healing. We will be connecting and cleansing each and every layer for your highest experience... sometimes these layers become clotted with stagnate energy creating physical aliments. It's time to peel back the layers of the onion with ease and healing,

Divine Masc./Fem Healing

Focusing on connecting and healing your Shakti energy, these sessions range from womb healing to divine feminine balancing. Healing and releasing the lower feminine wounds and creating space for the divine feminine to arise in her sacred power and spiritual flow 

Limited exclusive sessions:




Creative Crown Activation 

Ready to receive more of those amazing innovative downloads/thoughts that transform your way of thinking and reality around you?! The Crown Chakra as known as “the bridge to the cosmos.” Is responsible for experiencing the center of spirit, enlightenment, wisdom, universal consciousness, and connection to higher guidance

Business Codes & Abundance Healing

70 minute healing & activation session around your prosperity line in your life/business. Clearing out the 'lack' energy and brining in new prosperity codes for you to receive as well as activating and programming your business crystal to magnetism and success!

Abundant Goddess Activation

View availability! These sessions are 110% personalized to you, your energy, giving you the healing and the most abundant activation you've ever received. Calling in the Goddess Realm and activating your crow chakra to connect with your personalized goddess archetype while allowing your guides, my guides, source energy to support any healing, clearing of stagnant energy, and creating space for an abundant Goddess Activation while receiving new codes and downloads for your unique soul blue print and life journey. 

**Sessions are limited**

If you have had a Abundant Goddess Activation, it is advised to wait 3-4 months before your next one as the transformation is one of the most amazing experiences and integration takes 40- 60 days depending on persons ability to receive. 



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