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1:1 Guided Mentorship to holding space for you, teaching you how to support yourself in your energy, life, physical, and mental wellness <3 

My mission in this 1:1 mentorship is...

to help you understand that you are here for a reason and if you're here reading this right now.,... it is no coincidence.

You have been brought to this moment, this page because:

You've been feeling to pull to learn more about the world around you


You know you actually have a higher purpose & ready to step into it

You've been curious about thing beyond 'logical explanation'

You are ready

to learn how to cultivate your own energy, how to use your beautiful God-give intuition, be in control of your gifts, protect your energy from unwanted feels, cleanse yourself and your space, align to your true soul authenticity, & how to use the energy and to heal and support the world around you! <3 

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3 months together,  IN THIS divine experience!

here is what you need to know... your experience is like my others 100% designed to your unique soul path and :

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words from energetic imprint CLIENTS:

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designed to support you in your soul journey + set you up with all the tools and healing modalities that you can do on your own with confidence!


your safe space held by me- your healer to help you work through the shadows, doubts, and fears into your true knowing and radiant self.

weekly 1:1 calls centered around your experience we outline together. In these calls we will focus on topics, lessons, healing sessions, and over all discussions.


to-do's and tasks to complete - we will talk about what this looks like together and how this advances your experience!


unlimited communication outside of our container calls - for you to use how you please and to enhance our journey together!


designed to support you in your soul journey + set you up with all the tools and healing modalities that you can do on your own with confidence!

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It is my highest honor to hold space for you in this container and to guide you in to this new beautiful journey of yours... connecting to your higher self and leading yourself from your authentic soul! <3

✘ 3 Months personalized to your journey.

✘ Weekly 60 min 1:1 calls

✘ Accountability & Prompts

✘ Monthly Energy Healing Sessions with a Customized Activation Recording


✘ Unlimited Communication access

Text, Voxer, FB Messager, etc.

✘ Immediate Access to My Courses: Awaken the Goddess Within + The One Within

✘ Exclusive discounts on all retreats + workshops

✘ 50% off any additional Energy Healing Sessions.​


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$888 usd


$444 USD

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$2,222 USD

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$500 discount when pay in full

Let's start your journey! <3

I want you to know what it's like to invest in yourself, your energy, & your new beginning into connecting with your higher soul self! <3

Because I am investing all my energy + more into your experience It's important to me that our energies align and we make a good fit. Please take a moment and fill out the questions below with your most truthful answers! <3

I look forward to journeying with you, hand in hand in to your new beautiful beginning


Avery Lane

Which payment option do you like:
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What has been your experience with your spiritual & self journey so far?
How are you feeling right now?

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Divine Masc./Fem Healing

Focusing on connecting and healing your Shakti energy, these sessions range from womb healing to divine feminine balancing. Healing and releasing the lower feminine wounds and creating space for the divine feminine to arise in her sacred power and spiritual flow 

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Mind, Body, Soul Healing

In this beautiful 8 layers of the energetic self and 7 chakra alignment healing. We will be connecting and cleansing each and every layer for your highest experience... sometimes these layers become clotted with stagnate energy creating physical aliments. It's time to peel back the layers of the onion with ease and healing,