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Hello Gorgeous Goddess, little did you know... You have stepped into the most powerful, transformational and divine space ever held on this Earth and in this life time! <3


The power of 3 has never been so magical as it is now! When these 3 Goddesses got together and formed the Goddess Code, the gateways of the most divine luxurious realm opened up and

We are so honored to hold space for you... right here, right now and walk hand in hand with you through the Goddess Gateway and into the Goddess Code Academy! Are you ready to accept and experience more of your own brilliance, beauty, creative energy, love, and abundance that is your natural birthright?

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Mastering Your Inner-Goddess & Divine Feminine Leadership
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Supporting  You In  Your  Journey, Always!

My mission is to connect, support, and uplevel each and every passionate female entrepreneur I encounter! 

Here are just a few of my favorite ways I can support you in your amazing soul-led Business or Divine Feminine Journey!! Choose your soulfilled service, course, or workshop below by clicking on the button & let's connect!

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I invited to unlock six mystical golden gateways to your true self.

Each one directly leads you to the most sacred aspects of your own unique and beautiful soul blueprint.

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 A 3 month 1:1 Mentorship  journey into discovering your soul-led business passion & positioning yourself for success & aligning with your soulmate clients. 

+ 1:1 energy healing sessions, creation codes and all thing business mentoring. <3

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About Your Goddess Leaders!


Avery Lane

I work with light leaders, energy healers, intuitive mentors + all spiritual entrepreneurial women through soulful synergy + energetic business strategies to activate her highest feminine
radiance in leadership so she can experience greater abundance, love and divine freedom in her leadership of light.

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Molly Elizabeth

Helping women find their power again and love themselves through intuitive healing and coaching! Find the Goddess within you and release anything that doesn't serve her.

I would love to hold space for you and help you call back pieces of your soul.

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