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Grab this healing bundle before it disappears! <3

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Fall into you healing bundle will be distributed 9/11 - 10/11

This is a bundle all about falling back into your true soul self<3 

As we enter a season - where we find ourselves coming home, spending time in our physical sanctuary, deepening your connection with our internal environment. Us Human-beings go through phases just as the Earth does, and the more in tune we are with the Earth the more we can predict and appreciate our own changes throughout the calendar year.


Meditating during these times can support our well-being and harness the positive qualities of each season.

Falling Back into You BundleAvery Lane

Throughout this bundle - I want you to take time and embrace the changes within as we witness the changes throughout.

Honor your evolving colors, and release of emotions, energies, and events that no longer serve your new season of life. <3 (6).gif

2 activations    ~ 1 spirit animal message

3 beautiful meditations


journal prompts/ worksheets for


into you

In this bundle you will find:

Claim your bundle for only $44

** The email you use for your paypal email will be the email you will receive the bundle at**

This bundle is non-refundable. Upon payment completion, you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

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