not just any VA though...

My Desired VA:

Is someone who is a spiritual intuitive & a grid worker but understands reality. Someone who seeks the big picture, but can take care of the fine details with inside.

Values Loyalty and Longevity 

Who can help me take this creative tornado and begin to unwind the collage of creativity into integration, platforms, and building of soul-filled connections!

I WANT YOU TO BE THE CREATIVE within your design!

performing tasks which light you up and necessary

for supporting my vision!

MY MUSTS for a VA:

🔸Spiritually intuitive 

🔸Someone who is a do-er

🔸Who doesn’t need to be told what to do, but just does.

🔸A Solution Seeker

🔸Lover of Systems/ Task seeker

🔸Values Loyalty and longevity 

🔸Someone who is a creative & innovator. 

Bonus: Masculine Energy Structure • Grid Worker • Grounded /Earth Sign or Fire Sign 

Logistics & Details

Must be located in PST/ MST Time Zone

$15/hr starting 5hrs a week + commission per course built

type of work needed:

Including but not limited to taking alllll of my notes, courses, and programs and organizing them into google drive. As well as helping build out my courses from content already created and put up on to membership platforms with organization.

Help with the back ends of the business including:

🔹Sales Funnels 

🔹Knowledge of FB & AD skills 

🔹Email automations 

🔹Marketing strategy 

🔹Launch support

🔹Course Organization 

🔹Platform organization 


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apply within

CLICK BUTTON below which will bring you to the email: hello@averylane.co

Subject line: Spiritual VA


Please include your resume, background/projects you’ve worked on & your social IG handle!