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Northern, AZ ~ oct 14-17 


We welcome ALL souls to join us for a weekend in the Northern Mountains of gorgeous Northern, Arizona.

Whether you are a beginner or have been on your soul-led self development journey for a while, this retreat will root you, wake you up and set you on the path in which is aligned for your soul!

Soul revival retreat is set up with the purest form of intentions to call back all aspects of your self in which gone missing over your life time due to conditioning, programs, patterns and beliefs in which are no longer aligned with your soul. It is time to retrieve all that you are and more, and learn how to set up a supportive and healthy environment and space for yourself to learn, grow, and flourish in.

Let us hold space for you as you detach and deeply receive rest from the hectic and fragmented world we live in.... during our weekend together we invite you take this time and opportunity to fill yourself up after such a tumultuous year and to engage in small doses of teachings of spiritual healing tools, moments of gratitude and an abundance of pouring into you, within our supportive and sacred soul community!

By the end we promise you will leave more centered and grounded in their identity, with a deeper understanding for how to integrate their inner life of soul aligned lessons with their outer life of activity. Simply taste the possibility of living from a place of more wholeness, peace and compassion by simply saying "yes" to your soul and allowing yourself to ground into your true knowing!

To tap into your TRUEST self, your NATURAL STATE OF BEING, your identity, calling,  and your ALIGNED expression.


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△ Heal your inner child, past lives, and blocks/barriers to move forward with clarity and confidence

△ Shift your mindset and remove what’s holding you back from achieving the success you crave and deserve


△ Learn how to tune into and trust your intuition so you can make confident decisions to grow your life


△ Unlock and use your soul messages so you can show up being nothing less than your authentic self


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△ Connect with your mind, body, spirit through workshops set up to support you

△ Focus on your core values and beliefs so you can stress less and achieve more

△ Re-ignite your soul’s purpose so you can shine your light and make a massive impact in the world

△ Learn how to pour into yourself effortlessly and abundantly so that your soul is nourished and ready to give from a place of pure love and aligned energetics

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△ Connect with your higher self to receive divine guidance and wisdom


△ Meet your soul tribe of like-minded individuals who GET YOU


△ Understand holistic healing tools so you can leave here with a completely revived sense of knowing and design


△ Open up the floodgates to wealth and abundance so you can manifest your desires and create the life of your dreams







$380 USD


$130 USD

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$1,888 usd

Bonus: Access to ALL PROGRAMS currently running + 1:1 call with Molly or Avery 

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5 payments of $380 once a month

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16 bi-weekly payments of $130




** The email you use for your paypal email will be the email you will receive a welcome email to**


Once your first payment is complete you will be directed to our exclusive Facebook group where we will be connecting before the retreat with all the details of the location, food, house, etc!

NOTE: Terms are subject to change. The retreat is non-refundable. If you can no longer attend for any reason, the amount paid and/or outstanding may be applied towards an alternate program or service. Upon payment completion, you have agreed to these terms and conditions.



All Inclusive | All Meals | Sound Healing | Spa Session Pass | Mini-Photoshoot| Exploration | Ect!

Without giving all the magic away, here is an outline of what you can expect to experience 

All you have to do is get yourself there!

4 Days, 3 Nights

Stay in a Private Room or Shared Room on a beautiful property immersed in Northern Arizona Energy and all the magical properties included

Cosmic Soul Fam

Being on this retreat you will discover your soul family. There's no doubt that if we will meet we are among our

Soul Family and Star Seeds.​

Mind, Body, Spirit Workshops

Receive exactly what you need healing wise from our hosts! We have some amazing workshops planned for you!

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Mindful Meals & Sacred Space

All meals are included in this beautiful experience. Our menu is specialized in High Vibe Meals and Snacks!

Enjoy all the land has to offer as well!

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Alignment & Activations Teachings

Connecting to your Divine self & learn how to activate and open your new identity, sovereign self to receive all of your desires and turn on your attraction in life + biz!

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1:1 Healing Sessions

Receive 1:1 healing opportunities from your hosts throughout the entire weekend, opening your heart, aligning your chakras, and connecting you with your aligned path.

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& so much more....!

location: Northern, AZ

About your healers!

sample schedule! <3

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Avery Lane

I work with light leaders, energy healers, intuitive mentors + all spiritual entrepreneurial women through soulful synergy + energetic business strategies to activate her highest feminine radiance in leadership so she can experience greater abundance, love and divine freedom in her leadership of light.

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Molly Elizabeth

Helping women find their power again and love themselves through intuitive healing and coaching!


No matter what you have been through or where you have been, you deserve to heal and live your most peaceful and joyful life right NOW. I wish to guide you back to your power by bringing your shadow to light, with the utmost love and grace.

Soul Revival Itinerary .png
Soul Revival Itinerary  (2).png
Soul Revival Itinerary  (1).png

Please note: 

This is just an example schedule, and each day will be different. 


Mealtimes will be the same, though some sessions will be free time/rest or in session with our practices together. 


Thanks for submitting!

extra bits of info <3

if you have something specific to offer or teach the group - let's connect so I can schedule it into our agenda! <3 that would not be there if she was not present. We know all will have much to learn from you and with you. 

if you have a craft, a gift, a soull led business passion this is your space to share!

Adding your magic :

don't worry babe! Dietary restrictions will be accommodated for group meals. We will be asking more about this in the pre-retreat questions we send to you after registration!

... but I have an intolerance or don't like specific food... how can i enjoy my meals?!

Food n' accommodations :

for each retreat, a private facebook group is created – this can help retreat participants get to know each other before the weekend, or collaborate on transportation, accommodation, resources, etc. In the past, women have found these groups helpful for feeling a sense of safety and community with each other before the retreat begins. The group will also be particularly helpful for coordinating travel arrangements.

say "hello" to more members of your soul tribe!!!!

communication :

all terms and conditions are here for you to see and know of before paying for your spot. no refunds are given for cancellations made 60 days before the retreat. if worse comes to worse and you absolutely need to cancel all but $500 will be refundable if a cancellation occurs 60 days or more before the retreat begins. 

be sure to review for your safety & ours.. we would hate to have a miss-understanding..

Policy n' payment deets:

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