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                                                                 is amazing 6 week inner-circle experience you will begin to discover your inner-goddess! Who she is, what she desires and the power she holds that has been inside of you all along!! 

The Goddess Gateway is a taste of your new way of being, awakening all of your sensations and an insight to the passion, power, and divine presences you have had all along. Enjoy this journey and guidance from the experienced Goddess Leaders: Avery Lane & Molly on how to embrace your goddess in your day to day life.

Not only will you begin to connect to your inner-goddess... but discover the ways we will be letting her guide you in your healing journey. Showing you how to honor your shadows & embrace your light through the transformation of acknowledgment; and teaching you how to heal your unaligned lower wounds, patterns & dense experience.


 If you are here, you know within your soul... the time is now! To step in fully and live by your souls truth & mission and align into the highest version of your Divine Feminine Goddess, with the ability to attract the life, love, and experiences you desire. 🖤

Goddess Gateway is for those amazing souls who:

This is for those who are intuitively sound, & are on the path to learning about the Divine Feminine and Goddess Energy.

For those who are ready to awaken their Goddess within & learn how to lead with her power⁣

Who can already feel the power, passion, and divine energy behind The Goddess Gateway and the activations that will be receive⁣

Ready to step into their NEVEL LEVEL and align with the abundant, powerful, Divine Goddess Self!! ⁣

We have the codes, the tools, the practices, & are so excited to share them with you

in our inner-circle!

⁣A N D

Experience Your Goddess-self like never before; as we have in this same

exact Goddess Gateway experience!

⁣Come Play

Come Elevate

Come Activate

The Gateway into Your Goddess-self,

6 weeks  Exclusive Inner-Circle ♛ Guided Mentoring

Activating Your Inner Goddess Gateway & Step into Your Goddess Code

Together We Will:

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Welcoming Your Goddess
Awaken what it means to welcome your goddess within and truly discover who she is, where we will be taking her & the ways she's been there all along.

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Identify Your Shadows
Discover what a shadow self is and how it actually supports your journey into acknowledging, healing, and transmuting lower goddess to allowing your Goddess greatness.

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Activating Your Divine Goddess

We will activate your New Goddess Standards and step up the balance of your divine masculine & divine feminine ways of being,

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Living in Goddess Mode


Your confident making decisions in alignment with your highest Goddess Self. Learning how to respond vs react in your High Goddess Form

Goddesses (7).png


Setting Divine Intentions

Learn how to set the intention and way of life through your new practical goddess practices and begin to step towards Goddess Code Academy!

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Stepping into the Next Level

With this being out last week, we are going to Activate the Goddess portal and ability to live in our Goddess Mode day in and day out. 

You'll receive an extensive workbook following this program & Lifetime Access to Goddess Gateway with all the content, videos, meditations & activations to go back to whenever you'd like!

also included:


January 30th!

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energetic investment $111

What Our Goddess Had to Say About Their Experience:

About Your Goddess Leaders!


Avery Lane

I work with light leaders, energy healers, intuitive mentors + all spiritual entrepreneurial women through soulful synergy + energetic business strategies to activate her highest feminine radiance in leadership so she can experience greater abundance, love and divine freedom in her leadership of light.

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Molly Elizabeth

Helping women find their power again and love themselves through intuitive healing and coaching! Find the Goddess within you and release anything that doesn't serve her.  I would love to hold space for you and help you call back pieces of your soul.

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