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This program is designed for you to easily take control & build your beautiful brand from an experts level!

I’ve taken allll of my years & knowledge of being an Energy Brand Designer and Strategist and put it into this self study program for those who want to build their champagne brand on a beginners budget! (3).gif

this self-paced program is for 

Those wanting to create a soul-aligned brand that matches your soul passion frequency.

Have a completed brand with out paying $4,000 for the same thing you can get right here!

Discovering the infusion of energy and intention with inside of branding.

Self paced and guided experience allowing you to flow as you go.

Amazing brand experince for spiritual, intuative, and healing, and leadership type businesses!

We all were put on this earth with a blueprint, a soul mission, a purpose, a passion and pursuit for greatness! To live in a fully soul aligned life with enjoyment for what we do on the daily.

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You will discover

Your Brand is so much more than just a logo and pretty colors; there are a ton of elements that support it! 

Blueprint Brand for (1).png

Biz Mindset

Blueprint Brand for (1).png

Your Magnetism 

Blueprint Brand for (1).png

Your Strengths

Blueprint Brand for (1).png


Blueprint Brand for (1).png

Brand Message

Blueprint Brand for (1).png

Brand Presence

Blueprint Brand for (1).png

Connecting to Audience 

Blueprint Brand for (1).png

Using Your Brand

Blueprint Brand for (1).png

Mission & Values


The Blueprint Branding with Soul is your guide to DIY your soulful branding journey!

Blueprint Branding with Soul will guide you through:
❉ Master your business mindset
❉ Celebrate your purposeful strengths
❉ Craft your Soul Brand Message
❉ Discover your soulmate client magnet
❉ Position yourself to receive
❉ Establish Brand presences
❉ Build meaningful relationships
❉ Develop your soul process
❉ Envision your long term profitable passion

The Blueprint Branding with Soul will help you capture all the elements in which your brand desires to have!

"This is the best decision I have made to invest in! Being an Entrepreneur I choose what I invest in wisely and this wasn't only worth it but it totally exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much Avery Lane for the 'above and beyond' Blue Print Branding with Soul Program!!!! 

I feel SO CONFIDENT in my new brand!!"

~ Jules H.

Image by Humphrey Muleba
Blue Print Brand with Soul- DIY - SECOND

Mod 1

1. Master your business mindset

2. Celebrate your purposeful strengths


3. Craft your Soul Brand Message

Mod 2

4. Discover your soulmate client magnet

5. Position yourself to receive


6. Establish Brand presences

Mod 3

7. Build meaningful relationships

8. Develop your soul process


9. Envision your long term profitable passion  

One payment

Complete Blue Print

Brand with Soul


3 monthly payments of $111

Blue Print Brand with Soul

+ 1 on 1 "Brandstorm" sessions



You will receive an email 24 hrs upon registering with information on how to grab your course and follow along!

AS SOON AS YOU Register you will be sent an email welcoming you and adding you to the private facebook group!!
Please note: what ever email you use to register and check out with will be the email that the program will be sent to! <3

"This blue print was so easy to use with step by step guidance all, I was able to do it at my own pace and follow along with every module!"


Pine & Thread Co.

I Really understood what I was looking for and the way Avery guided me through this experince, I was able to create something that I am proud to show off!!

Flourish Designs

"I just had a baby and getting my business up and running at the same time has been tough - It was great being able to create my branding with expert guidance on my own time and in my own way."

“Top notch!! Avery has a real talent for bringing your vision to life. She is extremely knowledgeable about marketing strategy and creative in her implementation of that strategy. In her course, she makes the process fun, easy and is super creative!”


It was awesome to finally experience both in one program, I have been through a few branding programs and they have been so left- brained and boring "yawn" lol. This program was perfectly aligned to both soulful strategies and branding with the perfect balance of left and right brained approaches!"

"This blue print was so easy to use with step by step guidance all, I was able to do it at my own pace and follow along with every module!"

Blue Print Brand with Soul- DIY - SECOND

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Blue Print Branding with Soul


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