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the portal to Arise Immersion is now open >> click here

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In celebration of the ARISE program portal opening,

The FREE Elevated Life Challenge Workshop Series has been created to honor and launch your current reality into one that is in the energetic state of Arising into Greatness now!

In the 3 day workshop series you will ascend into the greatest reality designed for you now by understanding and putting into practice the elevated:

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July 20th @ 4pm CT

The reflection pond of who you are being. In this live workshop we will peer into the reflection pond from a state of observation and the essence of radical honesty of who you are currently being and how that is playing out in your reality.

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July 21th @ 6pm CT

The ripple effect to who you are becoming -   This topic is one of my favorites, realizing that every action has a reaction and the ripples of your life get to flow towards you, your desires, and the life you set up for yourself. I will guide you into a series of self awareness and practices to create ripples of success, happiness, love, and abundance!

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July 22th @ 8pm CT

Elevate into your Greatest Version of Yourself with the ARISE experience! Learn what ARISE is all about and how Elevated Life can become your every day vibe by simply choosing the greatest version of self now and applying the methods to create your own magic. Awaken, Align, Arise.


The FREE Elevated Life Workshop & Challenge series takes place July 20-23

Sign up below to receive access to the workshop live event & elevated life challenge prompts that go along with each workshop!!

Upon clicking 'enter' you will be brought to the Embers of Light Facebook Group where the live workshop & challenge prompts will be taking place!

ARISE into your greatest version of self now, the version in who you are dreaming of becoming through healing the wounds, the shadows, the chaos we face in life.


With the supportive space in ARISE we will finally begin to understand the areas in which we have not been honoring our highest greatest versions of self and how we can begin to align to our truth, our happiness, our greatest version of our current selves along with celebrating all that we are & more!!! Celebrating how our wounds, shadows, and chaos has formed us in the beautiful powerful greatness being now!!

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the portal to Arise Immersion is now open >> click here

In this amazing 5 week immersive program you will learn how to 

Discover stories, patterns, wounds we've been playing out in life.

❂ Transform your unaligned lower emotions that no longer serve you.

❂ Bring soul truths and desires into awareness

❂ Heal the areas, energies, wounds, patterns, and stories so we can begin to align with our soul truth.

❂ Learn new ways to step into your greatest version of self now

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