Transforming your wounded goddess into your warrior goddess self!


In this amazing 5 week intensive mentorship program you will learn how to transform your unaligned lower wounds, patterns & dense experience; to discovering your souls truth & mission and align into the highest version of your Divine Feminine Goddess, with the ability to attract the life, love, and experiences you desire. 🖤

honor your shadows & embrace your light!

I desire more than anything to support your transformation into your Warrior Goddess ♕

Maybe lately you've been feeling a little:

❥ Unappreciated                                          ❥ Unheard or not understood                

❥ Ignored                                                      ❥ Feeling unworthy of your desires          

❥ Unseen in your relationship around you                   

❥ Easily Triggered                                         ❥Depending on others for happiness/approval        

❥Under Valued                                             ❥ Insecure in your life, business, relationships, self

You & I know these lower emotions do not serve your greatest, highest good...

BUT you’re stuck in how to let go of them and shift into the version of you, that is your Warrior Goddess.

5 weeks  6 Souls ♛ Guided Mentoring

 Small Group + 1:1 Communications

together we will:



 Your Story & invite all aspects of your being to step forward in their truth.



Your Wounded Goddess Aspects & transform those aspects into your Warrior Goddess Desires.



& Reconnect with your personal power, highest version & genius - the version of you that has been asleep & is ready to awaken into her greatness.



Your confident making decisions in alignment with your highest Goddess Self, transmuting the lower goddess aspects



Stepping out of your lower vibrational feminine aspects and into the realm of your Divine Feminine Goddess with a her receiving channel open to new love, abundance, and ease of manifesting.

Payment Options:

Pay in Full


2 Monthly payments


4 Bi-weekly payments


NOTE: Terms are subject to change. The program is non-refundable. If you can no longer attend for any reason, the amount paid and/or outstanding may be applied towards an alternate program or service. Upon payment completion, you have agreed to these terms and conditions.


As soon as your first payment is received you'll get an email receipt & invite to alll the things!! Don't forget you get lifetime access to all of the content, videos, meditations, workbooks, and membership hub! 


See you inside!!


      Avery Lane


Q: How long is the program?

A: 5 Weeks!

Q: How many other people will I be learning with?

A: 6 Souls total!

Q: How often do we meet?

A: Once a week online for 5 weeks!

Q: Is it self directed with a group thing here and there or all in group work? 

A: It is very much involved on whatever level you feel comfortable with!

This is a 5 week intensive transformational program we will be meeting weekly, once a week to really talk about the topic of the week, at that time I will be providing you with worksheets, journal prompts, home work, etc! AND will be checking in 1:1 via voxer communication throughout the week as much or as little as you personally need from me! <3 I pour 100% of my intent, energy, and healing into your personal journey as much as the next. 

Q: What if I am ahead or behind the other members?

A: The way the program is set up there is no such thing as being 'ahead' or 'behind' of any of the other members!  We are all shifting through each stage in our Wounded Goddess in similarly different ways and are not comparing anyone's ARISE experience to one another. 

Q: Can we connect personally before I enter this program?

A: Absoutely!! I would love to connect with you!! Please feel free to shoot me an email at:

and ask any questions you have, if you'd like to set up a zoom meeting let me know, we can do that too!