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soul flow coaching

"The core of my intuitive coaching and healing guidance is I believe everyone has the ability to find their healing and empowered self from within. In my sessions we allow anything and everything to flow forward that your conscious self, subconscious self and soul self want to bring to the table and create healing, pattern changes, and energetic rewiring to.


I love talk therapy and the power behind it, but there is a magically experience when we can take talk therapy and bring a whole other level of self healing into the life experience you are desiring to create and live from. In a coaching session you have the ability to (with my unconditional support and guidance) understand and discover what holding your own healing abilities, and empowered self looks and feels like from the remembrance of your souls amazing leadership!"

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✦ Inner Work + Empowerment
 ✦ Soul Self Discovery 
✦ Heal Limiting Beliefs   
✦ Energetic Recodes
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What Does a Soul Flow Coaching Package Include:

✘ Weekly Transformation Calls

✘ Unlimited Inbox Coaching Support

✘ In-between Call Accountability

✘ Soul Work to Support Personal, Development, & Integration

✘ Monthly Complimentary Healing Session

✘ Direct & Unlimited Mobile Access to Avery

​✘ Various Flexible Payment Options Available

Choose Your Experience 

During our time together it is my absolute intention and priority to provide you with a space to awaken, release, connect, & receive coaching guidance and healing support. You will always be met-where-you-are-at.


With serving over 1000+ 1:1 client my commitment to you is to hold space for you to learn about yourself, wake up to what no longer serves you and set you in forward motion. With self healing and personal growth tools to apply to your daily life and begin to see the changes you desire. 

Self Investment: $1555

Includes Everything Listed Above

+ Access to All Courses & Programs!

payment arrangements absolutely accepted

$518/mo x 3 | $260 bi-weekly x 6 | other options available as well - inquire within

Self Investment: $3111

Includes Everything Listed Above

+ Access to All Courses & Programs!

payment arrangements absolutely accepted

$518/mo x 6 | $260 bi-weekly x 12 | other options available as well - inquire within

Self Investment: $4999

Everything you get in Soul Flow Coaching for 2mo. + 3 mo. focused on teaching & providing you guidance on how to tap into your own energy, heal yourself & cultivate the confidence to heal your own collective following.

Also Receive:

✧ 5 Complementary Personal Healing Sessions

✧ Energy Healing Certification

✧ Immediate Full Access TO ALL of my other offers, programs, courses, workshops, masterclasses, etc I launch and host during our time together.


See for yourself what my clients have

 said about their journey


Avery Lane

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✦Ascension Mentor     ✦Soul Activator    ✦Globally Recognized Thought Leader 

I am Avery Lane, an internationally recognized soul activator, soul ascension mentor and thought leader. Located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona☀️

Through strategic synergy + soulful energetic healing therapies I work with both men and women all around the world to activate their truths, elevate their operating systems, and assist them in experiencing of greater joy , love, and inner freedom within your leadership of light + healing journey in this lifetime!

For the last 7 years I have been working with all souls to become leaders in their communities, collective practices, and in their homes by providing them the new awareness, space, and tools to help them achieve the elevated high value lifestyle they are striving for. Essentially by guiding my clients in remove the subconscious blocks & limiting beliefs that have them running on autopilot and keeping them stuck.

My current journey is focused on assisting in the ascension of each soul from clearing their 3D lenses of life to existing in their 5D and beyond light leadership blueprint. ~ I look forward to connecting with more of you here as well collectively bring in amazing beautiful light into this space and amplify the support in results for one another in our own unique ways! 🤍🕊

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Looking for 'Something' Else?

Hey, I totally get if you're not quite ready to take the leap in investing in yourself and committing to 3-6-etc months of deep diving into working one on one exclusively through your 'ish' and really stepping into that next level you!

I however, still believe you are so incredibly worthy of doing the work and seeing the results that keep you up at night wishing you were already embodying. With that said, my support is never out of reach - there are endless ways for you to ease your nervous system into supporting you in your personal growth and energetic expansion journeys

Check out some of the ways we can still work together in a 1:1 space!! There are also so many self-paced self development courses for you to access at any time inside of the ascension academy!

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