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This Mentorship Is for those who have begun to embrace the spiritual path and soul-led way of life. It is the space where we honor the fact that your story in this life time and your soul's journey is uniquely important to fulfill. Where discovery, healing, integration and new energetic skill sets are supported to assisting you in become fully standing 'online' in your light. Becoming is only for those who are ready to build and cross that bridge fully from 3D ways of operation into their 5D leadership of life.

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let's begin



Where suffering, doubt, fear, confusion, etc. can no longer hold claim to your destiny of living life from your own bliss-filled design and becoming the light being that you truly are.


self healing - emotional alchemy - soul codes - energetic abilities - spiritual gifts 

The Mentorship


In this safe and nurturing space, we embark on a profound exploration of your soul's desired way of life, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with your inner self.

Gone are the days of relying solely on external divination tools such as oracle cards, pendulums, and various spiritual braces. In the coming days I will show you the steps to turn inward, attuning into the wisdom of your soul's voice and inner guidance, leading you to a profound empowering sense of self-awareness. As you embrace your highest design, a newfound inner confidence and empowerment will naturally blossom. This newfound sense of self will empower you to not only lead yourself but also positively influence your community and achieve success illuminated by the purest light.

Month 1 & 2 : Discover & Set Foundation for Healing

The initial two months are all about you—exploring your life journey thus far, what all has brought you to this moment. Laying the groundwork for expansive energetic foundation. Anyone can jump straight into energy work but if you don't have the foundational grounding behind it - you will crumble in ascension phases.

▲ Clearing the Amnesia & Begin Self Healing: begin to remember why you're here and what your purpose is and how to heal through the experiences you've been through up until this point.

 Pattern and Programming Re-writing and Recoding & Fully Understanding Awareness and Consciousness: starting from the Inner Child healing all the way to present moment, unveiling the current programs and operating systems you are operating from.

▲ Masc./Fem Training & Entering into 4D Activations: understanding your inner ying and yang, and how to begin to start operating from your 4th Dimensional Self and connect to your soul self.


Emotional Empowerment & Begin to Prioritized Energy Circuit: a crucial step in the program to take back your power and learn how to reclaim your energy circuits. I can't wait to lead you through this amazing step!

Month 3: Experience the Energetics

Your gifts, tools, and energetic skills that are ready for you to take hold of. In a safe and supportive space held just for your and your unique souls blue print. Having full awareness of the conscious shifts from your 3D life to your 5D Lifestyle 

Igniting Energetics & Understanding Layersexperience how energetics work, and the important tools you must have in order for you to move forward with full sovereignty in your practices both spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

 Attuning to the Energy Field, Auric Scan, Prepping for Ascension: tune into, scan, and identify the 7 layers of your auric field, begin to master clearing your energy channels for clear guidance's and your clair abilities to awaken.

 Dimensional Understanding, Energetic Protection and Clearing Trainings: feel, access, and receive insights from various dimensions you are connected to. While also learning how to protect and clear your energetic field.

 Activating Your Soul Star & Merkabah for Clear Intuitive Support: strengthen your connection to higher realms of self! Through empowering practices to support you with enhanced intuitive guidance on this awakening path.


Month 4: Practice, Play, Perfect

You'll discover why we call it playing in the energies - when practice comes from play vs pressure your energetic healing abilities and soul gifts explode in the most miraculous ways. Welcome to the 5D and Beyond Tree House!

▲ Deciphering Aspects of Self and Integration Healingeasily begin to navigate the aspects of self, 

 Learn All About Shadow Working: Awaken Your Inner Glow - Discover, Release, Thrive! Activating the courage to shine your light, unapologetically and authentically, inspiring others to do the same.

 Transcending Ego Key Codes: a signature training to fully transcend and integrate the ego as a whole.


 Learn All About Shadow Working: awaken Your Inner Glow - Discover, Release, Thrive! Activating the courage to shine your light, unapologetically and authentically, inspiring others to do the same.

Month 5: Embody, Embrace, BECOME

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Is an effortless experience when all facets of self are deeply integrated into your wholeness, new awakenings are alchemized into your new baseline frequency and your soul codes become your expression of existence through play, practicing, and BECOMING all that you are meant to be and more! 

▲ BEGIN Creating and Working with Energyexercises to cultivate a new sense of self and appreciation for the physical form that houses your soul. Starting from Inner child healing all the way to present moment current programs and operating systems you are operating from.

 Attune Yourself and Others Emotional Frequencies: Awaken Your Inner Glow - Discover, Release, Thrive! Activating the courage to shine your light, unapologetically and authentically, inspiring others to do the same.

 Labs (last 2 weeks): Commitment to deeply practicing's your new energetic tools and healing modalities attuned to for full embodiment of fully BECOMING your soul-led self!!




✸ The Radiant Light Worker Cert     &     ✸ Emotional Empowerment Cert

Create Your Mentorship Experience:

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During our time together it is my absolute intention and priority to provide you with a space to awaken, release, connect, & receive coaching guidance and healing support. You will always be met-where-you-are-at.

Here is our structure to flow inside of:

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Weekly 1:1 Calls during our 5 months together you will have 20 weekly 1:1 calls total, this is the where the magic happens.

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UNLIMITED inbox support between sessions: having that support you need on hand so that you can work through things in that moment and have the clarity that you need so you can move on to the next step in life or in that moment with grounding and stability.

BUY 2 - GET 2 FREE! (6).png

FULL Immediate Access: Any and all programs I launch during our time together, you get immediate access to start exploring and benefiting from in additional ways.

BUY 2 - GET 2 FREE! (6).png

LIFETIME Access: to all training materials we go over and practice together inside of this mentorship space as well as the alumni private community group.

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Monthly Healings: assisting you on your ascension journey with monthly healing and activation sessions by myself to you; designed to rejuvenate and empower your mind, body, and spirit.

Choose your self investment plan

Onetime Pay In Full of $4,999

- an entire $501 off for paying in full -

Includes Everything Listed Above

+ Access to All Courses & Programs!

Monthly of $844

For 6 mo. or If you desire so, you can even put down a deposit and create your own remaining investment arrangement 

Monthly of $777 

For 7 mo. I absolutely support you in your personal investment journey and want to make sure you are honored on your financial investment planning path.

becoming start

Lets get started

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See what the                 alumni's have to say:



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this mentorship is ran in a group setting 3 times a year... it is such an incredible experince to be in a group mentorship setting where each and every individual is set on the intentions to becoming more, experincing their light, and elevating their spiritual gifts and conciousness . In a group setting you have the opportunity to connect, practice, and enhance one anothers abilities! Who knows the amazing life long connections that are to come from souls with similiar missions connecting and creating miracles!


cultivating a deep 1:1 mentorship connection has always been my favorite to not only experience but to facilitate. There is just something incredibly magical about creating a 1:1 connection with your mentor who is there to guide, heal, and elevate your life in amazing profound ways!

Any individual who chooses the solo mentorship experience will be entered into the group experience when your solo is finished for life time support. 

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THINK you're ready for something MORE?!

I Gotchoo!! I am estatic to announce and invite you into the NEXT level: Ascended Soul MASTERship/Mentorship Opportunity 

This is the souls gateways to fully activate and transcending into your Light Leadership Path and Activating Your Own Ascended Master within. Stepping into accepting your mission and mastering your ascension in this lifetime through the Guidance and Leadership support from myself.

IN Ascended Soul 1:1 Mentorship/Master-ship Space you will be dropping in your soul codes with my assistance and receiving guided tools to assist you in mastering your energy, ascension, and attuning your soul-give GIFTS!!

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