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Get ready to be loved & led like never before! Avery Lane is

committed to guiding individuals on their transformative journeys towards soul self-discovery, energetic healing, and spiritual ascension evolution.


Before embarking on this path, she spent several years in the medical field, working as both a paramedic in emergency medicine and a nurse in a regional hospital. During this time, she encountered countless traumatic situations and provided compassionate care to patients on their road to recovery. This experience has shaped her deep understanding of the human condition and the profound impact of healing and support.

Throughout her own personal journey, she discovered the power of The Embodied Path, a philosophy that she now wholeheartedly embraces and shares with others. Embracing The Embodied Path means entering any collective space with authenticity, vulnerability, and most importantly unconditional love. It means acknowledging the interconnectedness of all beings and recognizing that we each possess the innate ability to tap into and live from the essence of Heaven on Earth, right here in our physical form.

✦Ascension Mentor     ✦Soul Activator    ✦Globally Recognized Thought Leader 

Avery Lane is an internationally recognized soul activator, soul ascension mentor and thought leader. Located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona☀️

Avery firmly believe that each person has the potential to transcend limitations, heal past wounds, and experience profound spiritual growth. As a guide and mentor, Avery am dedicated to helping you navigate the intricate tapestry of your soul's evolution. Her approach combines spiritual wisdom, soulful introspection, and practical tools to empower you on your unique path.


One of the cornerstones of Avery's leadership and coaching is emphasizing the significance of foundational work. By courageously addressing and healing through your personal challenges, you can integrate the healed aspects of yourself. This integration creates a clear channel for divine wisdom and enables you to align with your true purpose and desires, ultimately living the life you've always yearned for.

In working together, you will experience an abundance of fostered safe and compassionate space for exploration, growth, and healing. Whether you are seeking guidance on your spiritual journey, desiring to overcome obstacles, or longing to deepen your connection with your inner self, Avery am here to support you every step of the way.

Remember, you are not alone on this transformative path. Avery is here to walk alongside you, offering personal experience, intuition, and heart-centered guidance to help you awaken to your highest potential and embrace the beautiful journey of soul growth and ascension.

It is her highest honor to be considered and connected with you in this profound adventure of self-discovery and spiritual evolution. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey towards a more abundant and fulfilled life.

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HUGE 2023 - 2024 ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

HUGE 2023 - 2024 ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

I AM EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE…. WE ARE ACCELERATING HERE IN THIS SPACE, SO TO HONOR YOU, SUPPORT YOU, AND I AM HOLDING SPACE FOR 8 SOULS WHO ARE READY TO BREAK THE F* THROUGH THEIR GLASS CEILINGS :: TO activate higher truths, elevate your operating systems, and assist you in experiencing greater joy , love, and inner freedom within your leadership of light + healing journey in this lifetime! 🔥🔥& I KNOW ONE OF THE SPOTS, HAVE YOUR NAME ON IT! 🔥🔥 I AM CALLING IT THE SEASON WHERE WE ARE “BREAKING THROUGH GLASS CEILINGS” … SO HERE IS THE SPACE I AM HOLDING FOR YOU INSIDE OF THIS: SOUL FLOW MENTORSHIP- my signature life coaching and energy healing all in one service. 👉TO CLAIM ONE EMAIL ME AT: and Let me know you are READY TO BREAK THROUGH THE GLASS CEILING! I have been a soul flow coach for almost an entire decade now!!! GOSH it’s insane to believe! "The core of my intuitive coaching and healing guidance is I believe everyone has the ability to find their healing and empowered self from within. In my sessions we allow anything and everything to flow forward that your conscious self, subconscious self and soul self want to bring to the table and create healing, pattern changes, and energetic rewiring to. I love talk therapy and the power behind it, but there is a magical experience when we can take talk therapy and bring a whole other level of self healing into the life experience you are desiring to create and live from. In a coaching session you have the ability to (with my unconditional support and guidance) understand and discover what holding your own healing abilities, and empowered self looks and feels like from the remembrance of your soul's amazing leadership!” Here is how I am going to support you and get you locked in to that same deep intimate connection with yourself and stepping into your highest truth like never before. Before I triple my offer rates - I want to give you the next 2 months to feel into, connect with, and commit to yourself in these spaces. CHOOSE YOUR BREAK THROUGH OPTION:: 🌟 3 months together normally 1111/mo, raising to 1,555/mo but right now, to honor you I am holding space for 8 souls to say yes to themselves for the most incredibly grounded offer of 👉only 888/mo. 🌟6 mo together for Normally 5,555/5mo, (asing to 11k in 2024) holding space for 8 souls to commit to 6 mo together for 👉 only 777/mo 🌟12 months (never been offered before) for 👉 only 444/mo **insane insane insanely inviting offer for your soul to feel so freakin’ worthy of, 12 entire months together, to support you in expanding your self and stepping into the most incredibly aligned soul version of you that I know is ready for you to step into. (12 months is usually around 15k a year, YOU ARE GETTING an incredible 10k OFF JUST by COMMITTING to you!!!) 👉 TO CLAIM ONE EMAIL ME AT: and Let me know you are READY TO BREAK THROUGH THE GLASS CEILING! I want you to clearly note, that the longer you invest in yourself the more of an abundant price you receive because YOU have said YES to yourself, you are walking a deeply committed path to self love, self healing, self growth, and most importantly embodying that new self being! WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Here is what you will receive in all 3 of these space offers: ✅ Bi-weekly 1:1 calls to deeply explore the most intricate parts of you, healing, growth, discovery, guidance, and space holding ✅Monthly Healing sessions ✅Unlimited direct inbox text chat to support you in the in-between ✅ALL ACCESS to any and all courses, masterclasses, workshops, and all self study programs I release during out length of time together The Basis of our time together will always include: 💯 Inner Work + Empowerment Support 💯Soul Self Discovery Guidance 💯 Healing Limiting Beliefs 💯 Energetic Recodes **PLUS HOLIDAY ENERGETIC SUPPORT AND BOUNDARIES COURSE INCLUDED** Soul Flow Coaching is a “Meet-you-where-you're-at” entirely customized journey between you and I. YOU HAVE TILL 11.11 TO CLAIM ONE OF THE 8 SPOTS, when they are gone, they are gone and this container will never be offered at this rate again. 👉 TO CLAIM ONE EMAIL ME AT: and Let me know you are READY TO BREAK THROUGH THE GLASS CEILING!

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I'm a Taurus Moon & Virgo Rising -- so get ready to be loved and lead like never before! I care deeply about your entire holistic evolution while you're connecting with your true soul's purpose and living in alignment with your higher-self design with no fluff and an abundance of love!

My Degrees + Certifications: 

  • 7 + years in a Soul Centered Business Journey

  • BSN in Nursing

  • PMHDNP in Psychology 

  • BA in Business Marketing

  • Psychology Training

  • Reiki Master Certified

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certified Energy Healer

  • NLP Certified, Trauma Response Coach Cert, Holistic 

  • Story Telling Brand Certified + Carl Jung Archetype Brand Certified

  • Graduate of over 200 hrs in 

My street cred: 

  • I've always been an entrepreneur at heart since age 17

  • Manifesting Generator Human Design Archetype

  • Produced over 150+ Business Coaching Client Results

  • Guided 400+ Souls in their Self Development Journey

  • Crystallin Attuned to provide Quantum intuitive knowledge

  • Divine Feminine facilitator with 8 soul-led retreats in the books

  • Clear Channel for Source + Natural Timeline Seeing Abilities

Founder of:

 › Elevated Life™ 

 › Shine Through™ 

 › Better Boundaries Certification™ 

 › Fiercly Free Soulciety

 › Light Leadhership Certification

 › Fire of Life Academy

When I'm Not Working:

You can find me playing in God's beautiful creation! I love everything nature, travel, and adventure related as well as being like a sponge and soaking up so much knowledge to better support my journey on this Earth as well as supporting my soulmate clients in all the ways!!! 

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