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Hi gorgeous! I am so so excited to connect and hold space for your light!!


If we are just getting to know each other or getting re-acquainted, hii!! I'm Avery Lane! I am an internationally recognized soul activator, soul ascension mentor and thought leader. Located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona ☀️


I guide Light Leaders, Mid-Level Seekers and Advanced Mission Souls, Spiritual Teachers, and Energy Healers on how to connect to the embodied path by healing and integrating the 3D versions of self while accessing their full consciousness through clearing their channel and elevating their consciousness.

One of the cornerstones of my leadership and coaching is emphasizing the significance of foundational work. By courageously addressing and healing through your personal challenges, by which you can integrate the healed aspects of yourself. This integration creates a clear channel for divine wisdom and enables you to align with your true purpose and desires, ultimately living the life you've always yearned for.

At this summit, we envision an extraordinary convergence of diverse perspectives, skills, and energies, all coming together to weave a tapestry of wisdom and guidance. Your unique gifts and radiant light hold the power to uplift, inspire, and guide others along their ascension and soul journey.

Feel free to take a look around my site, get to know my philosophy and if and when you're feeling called to shine your light and share your gifts, I would love to hold the space for you to do so - so read more below!!

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If this invitation that aligns with the very essence of your being – this is an opportunity to guide, inspire, and nurture souls as they embark on their ascension journey towards elevated consciousness.

READY . SET. ASCEND SUMMIT is a gathering that seeks to bring together luminaries like yourself from every corner of the world. At this summit, we envision a harmonious convergence of diverse perspectives, each emanating its unique brilliance, all united by the common goal of empowering newly awakened and mid-level souls.


Event Highlights:

🌟 Guiding the Awakening: Your wisdom and teachings have the power to gently steer those who are newly awakened, offering them a compass amidst the sea of information and experiences.

🌟 Empowering Mid-Level Seekers: Mid-level souls often yearn for deeper insights and practices. Your profound teachings can serve as stepping stones on their path of self-discovery and growth.


🌟 Sharing Soul Gifts: This is an occasion to share your unique gifts, methods, and insights. By doing so, you not only help others but also strengthen your connection with the collective energy of light.


🌟 Global Community: Imagine the resonance created when light leaders, healers, and teachers from across the globe unite. Together, we create a safe space for growth, learning, and mutual support.


Event Details:

📅 Date: DEC 11-13  ⏰ Time: LIVE Speaker Time Slots or Virtually Recorded  📍 Location: A Virtual Gathering of Souls

Your light is the beacon that can guide others through their journey of spiritual awakening. Your insights can offer clarity, your teachings can provide direction, and your energy can create an atmosphere of transformation.

We wholeheartedly invite you to step into this mission with us – to be a guiding star for souls seeking to ascend, to offer your light as a torch for those traversing the path of consciousness elevation.


If the resonance of this mission reverberates within you, we eagerly anticipate your presence at our summit. Your contribution could be a pivotal moment in someone's journey.

Questions? Message me on FB

Close out 2023 year and set up 2024 with the utmost expansion!



first come first serve, I will go in the order of entries - if you desire a live speaking spot and they are all taken please request being a back up in the case that a live speaker can't follow through

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