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A Power Circle for Soul-led Entrepreneurs:

A space for already established entrepreneurs who are looking to make 2023 their most abundant year yet. Individuals in the spiritual community, intentional coaching, holistic wellness circles, and like minded souls.

With intentional connection outside of social media in a space where gatekeeping is a thing of the past and the more we pour into our surroundings and uplift others the more we accelerate our own personal growth!

Mastermind/Networking/Mentoring-ish environment for everyone to bounce ideas, ask for suggestions, and accelerate success together!

Regardless of what stage you're at in your business, Power Circles, Brainstorming and Networking have been proven to amplify results. These are no pressure events, they aren't sales-y and are filled with other female entrepreneurs that can't wait to meet you!

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  • UNLIMITED Access to our Accelerated Inner Slack Circle for Accountability, Communication, and Suggestions when building, launching, researching, and setting up your business for success in the most effortless ways!

  • Flourishing resources OFF of social media to get leads, sales and referrals + discounted insight on platforms and co-collaboration opportunities.

  • Virtual Inner-circle co-working space filled with other skilled entrepreneurs who work better when the energy is flowing in an aligned space

  • LIVE Zoom Accountability Power Circle Calls - Weekly

  • Daily Power Hours Monday - Thursday 

  • LIVE Zoom Networking Happy Hour Events Tuesday & Thursdays

  • Weekly Brainstorming Sessions (equivalent to a $50,000 Mastermind)

  •  Private Chat Channels for feedback from fellow members

  •  Business & Marketing Brainstormings to generate more leads and sales 

  • Community for support & accountability to help amplify results

  • High vibe intentional energy spaces to increase productivity, momentum, and creativity to help you get more done in less time 

INCLUDED in Accelerated Minds:

There is no time commitment - this is a month to month fluid space to receive support & expand your business empowerment channels!


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"Being a soul-led entrepreneur for the last 8 years I have always felt like something was missing... I never desired to be in a workforce environment or corporate environment where you had everything in house -  but gosh, it got lonely being the only one putting in countless hours trying to do simple tasks to get the jobs done. Even having a team to out source the work too there was still a same "level energy or passion" in connection missing.... 

This is when it came to me! For the last 6 months, I have been in a beta testing an environment where soul-led entrepreneurs connected, bounced ideas off of each other, provided referrals, networking, and brainstorming sessions!"

Now I want to invite you into a space where you get to receive the benefits that I've set up in Accelerated Minds that Includes but not limited to:

✦ Keep you organized and on track for the most successful year yet

✦ Inspire you to take action on the things you've been putting off

✦ Become Intentional about your day, week, even month

✦ Accountability and support in your tasks

✦ Doubling sales, growth and over all reach

✦ Spark new ideas, motivation

Generate new leads, referrals, sales and collaborations

& Even increase visibility, as you get to meet tons of people


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