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Choose Your Journey 

You're here, you're being called to fulfill your passion, now it's time to take the actionable soul aligned step into your full brand potential!

Mentorships + 1:1's

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energetic imprints

Good for all stages of your awakening soul journey!

1:1 Guided Mentorship to holding space for you, teaching you how to support yourself in your energy, life, physical, and mental wellness <3 

to learn how to cultivate your own energy, how to use your beautiful God-give intuition, be in control of your gifts, protect your energy from unwanted feels, cleanse yourself and your space, align to your true soul authenticity, & how to use the energy and to heal and support the world around you! <3 

Visionary Goddess (1).png

The Visionary Goddess

Good for all stages of business!

A 3 month 1:1 Mentorship  journey into discovering your brand's soul message & aligning with your soulmate clients. 

Beginning your journey into learning the soul message of your business and brand is one of the most amazing experiences we go on as soul-centered entrepreneurs. 

During our time together you can expect full attention from your one-on-one brand alignment coach. As we tap into the discovery of our brands meaning, the design of our uniqueness, and the revelation of our vision manifesting into a beautiful brand discovery. 

Additional Mentorships & Group Programs

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Energy Branding

Combining Energy Work, Soul Alignment & Brand Strategies!

Blueprint brand with soul.png

Blueprint Branding with Soul

The Blueprint Branding with Soul is your guide to DIY your soulful branding journey!

I’ve taken allll of my years & knowledge of being an Energy Brand Designer and Strategist and put it into this self study program for those who want to build their champagne brand on a limited budget.

This program is designed for you to easily take control & build your beautiful brand from an experts level!

**YES, your Brand is so much more than just a logo and pretty colors; there are a ton of elements that support it! **

bpb guided.png

Guided Blueprint Branding with Soul

Upgrage your DIY Blueprint Branding with Soul experience 

3 weeks together in a beautifully crafted workshop, taking out the confusion, misplacement, and un-alignment toy our brand elements to building your newly aligned you to your brand archetype,  mission, position, and core values!

Activate The New Brand You Deserve to Match Your Soul Centered Passion!

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Divine Energies In Branding ​mini-course

Learning the divine energies present in your brand is a vital ​aspect to creating your brand message and leveraging your self among soulmate clients !

In this mini-course and workbook attachment you will uncover the key words, that align you in both a feminine and masculine manner!

Finding balance between your masculine and feminine energies; can be a powerful tool for bringing the right clients for your products or services! 

Energetic Investment $11


Energy Healing

Course Covers (18).png

Energy Expansion Reading​

A 30 minute 1 on 1 call connecting  with you in your current energetic state & intuitively connecting with your higher self in where your Brand / Business is headed for profitable success! I focus on connecting with you in your current state & root chakra for the next level Brand that wants to come through!

Step into the next level you that's ready to come through

Energetic Investment $55

Course Covers (13).png

The inside view to my personally aligned techniques 

No deep branding strategies involved here love, instead replace the strategies with the soulful techniques I use to shift myself into the next level, the next layer of my success! In Life + Business, it's time to advance to the next level you!

Self Paced Course designed for you when you're stuck and need a boost to support you shifting through the shit.

Begin by defining your authentic message,Affirming your business success, manifest your new up-leveling reality, put into action! 

Energetic Investment $33

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