Creating the Reality of Your Dreams <3

A 3 Month ~ 1:1 Soul-led Journey

into discovering your business's soul meaning & aligning with your soulmate clients. 

Beginning your journey into learning the soul message of your business, brand, and soul aligned passion is one of the most amazing experiences we go on as soul-centered entrepreneurs. 


During our time together you can expect full attention from me, your one-on-one business alignment coach.

As we tap into the discovery of our business meaning, the design of our uniqueness, and the revelation of our vision manifesting into a beautiful soul aligned profiting business. 

in this program... you get the best of me!

but Avery... don't we always get the best of you?

lol!! OKAY! It's true- you always get the best of me.... I should say... in this program you get all of me! All of my knowledge! & all of my 1:1 attention, energy, and healing poured into you and your soul-led mission!

who This Mentorship is for....

It doesn't matter if you've been in business for years or just starting out - The Visionary Goddess is unique in it's way to be customized per Goddess Journey.

  • You have a vision of creating a striving business from your passion

  • You are a Soulful/Soul Centered Entrepreneur!

  • You have a fiery passion for what you do and are ready to profit from it.

  • You're looking for direction and strategic value behind your service, products, and offerings.

  • Wanting/ needing support in aligning your passion with your business meaning.

  • Looking for making amazing soul connections with someone who is your biggest cheerleaders (that's meee by the way!)

  • Ready to create a long lasting Business & Brand to expand with your business vision, success, and goals!

  • Excited to call in your soulmate clients and create an abundance of profit!

IF YOU Aligned YES to any of the following questions.. then,

YES! Then The Visionary Goddess Mentorship is for you!!

Sand Dunes

The Visionary Goddess  is one who sees the  potential in others & holds space for those to step into their divine purpose.

we will...

Tapp-In to the Visonary
Align Liquid into Gold
Embody the Goddess

During our time together

△ Mindset

△ Energy Work

△ Subconscious Reset

△ Refine Your Vision

△ Personalized Energy Block

    Removal Sessions

△ Goal & Vision Work 

△ Solidifying Your Mission

△ Foundation Setting

△ Core Value Discovery

△ Soul Message Transmissions 

△ Embody Fullness

△ Brand Setup

△ Expansion Strategy 

△ Gridding Our Platform

△ Calling in Our Soulmate Clients

The Visionary Goddess

Road Map

Below is the map of our journey together!

Along with your full-attention invested in each week, we will also have a one-on-one bi-weekly check-in call and you will have unlimited voxer access to me - your alignment coach. Remember, your Goddess journey is uniquely designed and modified to what you need in your own soul-aligned path... you may need more time, healing, or strategy so I like to allow and hold space for the fluctuation and flow of who you are & what you truly need to succeed. <3

Month 1: Tapp-In to the Visonary

I begin every Visionary Goddess Journey by taking the time to connect with you, your energy, your vision and your dreams; getting to know you like I would a best friend, because after all... we are soul-tribe connected! 


Working on your subconscious mindset and limiting beliefs of your current business success and reprogramming your mind to become expansive in your vision! 

Energy Work

From raising your vibration to inner child release I hold space for you to heal, rise up, and make a noticeable change in achieving the things you desire.

Dissolving Blocks

Dissolving all the blocks holding you back from success and helping you unlock your greatest potential! Replacing those blocks with tools to tapp into your greatest potential.

Month 2:Align Liquid into Gold

Getting into the depths of the gold you have within... in the second month we will be really really focusing 


Focus on aligning your goals with your business to start moving in the direction of accomplishing everything your soul desires for your business.


We will solidify your business motivation and message with confidence, security, and passionate energy vibrating from our soul level. In this step I give you the tools to feel into every action before taking it: activating your intuition!

Foundation Setting

So fun!! We go into the experience of setting up the bridge between vision and manifestation- helping you create the brand mission and message for your business to magnetize your soulmate client!

Month 3:Embodying her 


Connecting all the tools and pieces from the last 2 months and creating the beautiful angelic business.brand.mission.action plan of our business!


You are the magnetizing energy and its time to set up the rest of your brand to draw in your soulmate clients just by being you and in your goddess presence. 


Here. we . go!

Helping you create a beautiful launch plan or strategy if needed - otherwise watching your already curated vision goddess business continue into fruition! <3

Sand Dunes


As a exclusivity to my clients, I only take on 4 Visionary Goddesses at a time as I hold space for each and every one of you. You're earth mission & passion is just as important as your soul sisters!

If you feel aligned with this program and ready... THEN...  I AM READY FOR YOU BABE!


Step 1: you know in your soul!

You want guidance : I am here for you   

 You wanna jump in: Let's do it! I am here for you

You want to follow your passion: I am here for you

You want to create success with your biz: I am here for you!

Truth is, if you're here.. you already know how aligned this experience together is ... though I don't offer discovery calls for every single inquiry, I do hold space for those who are more than curious and are ready to step into their full soul aligned business as me, Your Visionary Goddess Mentor by your side holding space and leading the way for your success!

Here's the real & raw truths babe, because I feel and respond only in full alignment with my soul I ask you to do the same and don't play into the mysterious slimy sales system of:  "let's jump on a sales call so I can sell you" NAWW... not my style.


I don't believe in having to sell you on what I do... you want it?

Great! I will be the most amazing coach mentor you've ever had due to my vast experience and knowledge with intuition on fireeeee! <3

But truth are only as successful as the energy you put into yourself & the support team around you!

Step 2: Invest in yourself

DID YOU KNOW: Most coaches charge 10 -15k for the same type of package... and you end up getting only minimal results/ & more miss-alignment out of it... I don't believe in false illusions of 10-15k charging & creating debt is the only way to a successful business... never ever.

I don't believe that just because you are starting out you need to drop 10k like its hot without even an ounce of creations or exchange in your business. But most of all I believe everyone deserves to thrive and have a successful soul aligned business, so instead of pushing 80% of my soul-mate clients away because 10k is redonkulous to charge someone just starting out or needing that help and support in deepening their business success.



& So I offer you an even better mentoring experience than you could ever imagine with the aligned price of: 


i honor you


Investing in yourself now, is investing in your future 

SO, when you're ready and you fully say 'yes" to your soul and your highest aligned reality ... sign up for the Visionary Goddess Program, you will receive not only full attention, energy and effort as if it was our own business we are branding. ❥

anything is possible when everything is in alignment! 



Please answer a few questions to see if this 1:1 experience is in alignment with your soul before we proceed to your energetic investment options!


payment plans available, view options below.

Pay In Full


& Bi-Weekly Options

Sand Dunes


Q: How long is the program?

A: 3 mo. | 90 days

Q: How often do we meet?

A: Once a week online for 5 weeks!

Q: Can we connect personally before I enter this program?

A: Absoutely!! I would love to connect with you!! Please feel free to shoot me an email at:

and ask any questions you have, if you'd like to set up a zoom meeting let me know, we can do that too!

We will begin by jumping on bi-weekly calls ~ no time limit necessary, we will cover whatever you are currently dealing with and go into your timeline of goals and visions that you would like to accomplish...

At the end of each call there will be assignments/work to do and I will be checking in to keep you accountable.

& in addition... I will be connecting to your energy field so whatever downloads come through I will be relaying them to you in live time via our voxer connection! <3



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