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SEPT 11-14

🔥⁣ ⁣A chance for you to discover the power of manifesting through the Earth's abundant frequency 🔥⁣

✨ We’ve got the entire land + resort to ourselves.⁣


✨ We invite all souls to join us, and welcome a special offer for partners / friends. 

✨ We have enough cabins that should you desire you can have your own 🙂⁣

✨ We have a private chief cooking high vibe meals ⁣

& the best part is that you and your soul get to enjoy the fiery, sacred energies of the land!

Workshops include small group activation, practices and 1:1 like experiences! 

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SEPT 11-13

4 Days / 3 Nights

Say yes to an experience that heals and expands your soul aligned self!


Together We Will

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Align & Ground

>> Teach you how to ground yourself and your desires.

>> Align yourself to your higher self.

>> Ground Meditation to take with you.

>> Deepen your Manifestation exercise & experience.

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Earth Energy Healing

>> Unblock your emotional and spiritual blocks to a better you.

>> Teaching you how to trust your intuition.

>> Learning the difference between ego mind & intuition.

>>Teaching you how to clear your own future blocks.

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Activate & Receive

>> Unlocking your soul gifts


Soul Remembering

Gaia Connections

Manifestation Downloads


All else that flows through!!

All Inclusive | All Meals | Sacred Land | Ancestral Connections | Vortex Energy Hike | Exploration | Ect!

All you have to do is get yourself there!


What's all included...

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Bonus: Self Worth Upgrade Course With Sarah & 2 Visionary Goddess Calls with Avery!

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6 payments of $333




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12 payments of $175




** The email you use for your paypal email will be the email you will receive a welcome email to**

Once your first payment is complete you will be directed to our exclusive Facebook group where we will be connecting before the retreat with all the details of the location, food, house, etc!

Please note, most of the rooms are shared rooms, so if you have a bestie invite them along & make some new besties there! 

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Reserve Your Spot

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4 Days, 3 Nights

Stay in a Private Room or Shared Room on a beautiful property in Sedona close to Hiking trails and Peaceful Energy


Mindful Meals

All meals are included in this beautiful experience. Our Private Kitchen specialized in High Vibe Meals and Snacks!


Healing Session

Receive exactly what you need healing wise from our hosts and guest healers! 

The Universe is so great by providing exactly what you need. 


All Souls Welcome

Being on this retreat you will discover your soul family. There's no doubt that if we will meet we are among our

Soul Family and Star Seeds.​


Drum Ceremony

Connecting to the purest form of feeling the Earth's heartbeat and allowing your manifestations to anchor into our Divine Earth. Guided Ceremony


Daily Guided Meditations

Meditating daily will elevate our minds and souls and meditating in a group will help raise the Divine healing energy on this beautiful planet.


Spirit Guide Connections

As we connect with each other's energy and meditating together, you may be able to connect to your spirit guides - this actually happened in our previous retreats!!


Soul Activation's & More!

Our beautiful host Sarah Ashley will be providing us with life changing activation's and connecting us to our soul gifts!


Sacred Grounds

Have the opportunity to join us in grounding activities and getting into your body by sunrise yoga and

Sedona Sacred Energy.

Pay in full

Sacred Location: TBD.


Sept Soul on Fire.png

Aligned pricing for partners/friends sharing a bed space  $500 off upon the purchase of 2 spots together

What Our Past Attendees are Saying About Soul on Fire

I really did not know what to expect when I arrived for this retreat, since I had no experience in spiritual energy work or healing.  I knew that I was at a time of my life in which I felt confused, alone, and frustrated. This was a life changing experience, and the tools, values, and truths that I learned here will be with me forever. You Avery & Sarah for holding space for me,

It was my first time doing a spiritual retreat and I'm so glad I went with Avery Lane & Sarah Ashley.

It was a life changing weekend guided by beautiful healers that truly care about you, they are so genuine with vast experience. It was what I needed for clarity, peace and to move forward.

I cannot say enough about the wonderful healers I met and connected with at Soul on Fire 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Avery & Sarah and activating my spiritual gifts that have been begging to come through. Sarah Ashley is an amazing Activation Queen and I chose to work with her after the retreat as well! Connections for life!

 It was amazing to experience and see what messages we can receive from nature and our own intuition when we let ourselves go and be aware of the wisdom and beauty within and all around us. Such a wonderful time with non-forgettable experience at Angel Valley

Q & A

Have a question?! Ask away!
We are here to answer any and all questions you have!

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Due to being all human terms are subject to change, we have a $500 non-refundable fee & all dietary needs will be accommodated ahead of time! Upon payment completion you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

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