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- Upcoming          Retreats - 

- march -

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Join Us in Huston!

Experience a space where Nicole and Avery guide you into the process of discovering the greatest of self, love, compassion,  & releasing the energetic entanglements perceived as love

During our weekend together you will finally begin to welcome the your essence of your identity within your soul vs within your “roles” into who you are in your daily life.

- october -

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Join Us October 

for SOMA in SONOMA - where wine country meets winding down and reconnecting with your own mind body connection.

A weekend set with the purest richest intention to Re-connect with a like minded Community, Re-Connected With Our Soul Selves, & Find an Abundance of Clarity in our 

- june -

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Join Me in June!

for a S-ART experience on the Oregon coast - where healing waves meets releasing of the densities that no longer serve us.

- what it's like to retreat with me! -

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