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A sacred weekend dedicated to deepening your divine feminine, embodying your essences, & illuminating your goddess radiance within. This experience couldn't have come at a better time than this! We will be gathering during the weekend of the new moon, and with every intent you will be invited to call back your Goddess self, expand your abundance codes & discover how your energy actually manifests your desires into your reality!

Activate Your Soul Essence 

Deepening Your Divine Feminine

Illuminating Your Radiance

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I invite you to:

Activate your soul’s purpose to shine your light and make a massive impact in the world. 

Unblocking your limitations and activating your divine feminine Goddess Vibes to create deep empowerment and alignment!

Awakening Your Inner Goddess is one of the most blissful empowering experiences you'll ever have!

 Learn how to tune into your intuition and trust yourself so you can take aligned actions on expanding your light, growing your business and deepen your soul gifts.

Learn how to open up your receiving channel so that all your greatest desires and manifestations come to light .

Step into your highest timeline of wealth and abundance so you step into the life of your dreams!

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4 Days / 3 Nights

Carefree, AZ

These retreats have been life changing for many of our past attendees! During our time together we will be embodying our soul essence, spirituality, and femininity. We will be joining in sacred group workshops, planned excursions, and even a spa day pass at a local luxury wellness spa. I am so honored and excited to continue these amazing experiences and join along side of each and every one of you as we are all here together. Creating memories, and expanding our divine feminine consciousness & Goddess selves.

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What's all included...

All Inclusive | All Meals | Sound Healing | Spa Session Pass | Mini-Photoshoot| Exploration | Ect!

Without giving all the magic away, here is an outline of what you can expect to experience 

All you have to do is get yourself there!

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4 Days, 3 Nights

Stay in a Private Room or Shared Room on a beautiful property is close to Hiking trails and Peaceful Energy

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Cosmic Soul Fam

Being on this retreat you will discover your soul family. There's no doubt that if we will meet we are among our

Soul Family and Star Seeds.​

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Healing Sessions & Workshops

Receive exactly what you need healing wise from our hosts! We have some amazing workshops planned for you!

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Mindful Meals & Sacred Space

All meals are included in this beautiful experience. Our menu is specialized in High Vibe Meals and Snacks!

Enjoy all the land has to offer as well!

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Goddess Activations

Connecting to your Divine Feminine Goddess-self with Avery Lane!

Learning how to activate and open your Goddess self to receive all of your desires and turn on your attraction in life + biz!

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Spa Pass

On our second day, we will be heading to the Civana Wellness Resort & Spa to enjoy an amazing spa session full of rejuvenating, healing, and invigorating! 

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Spirit Guide Connections

As we connect with each other's energy and meditating together, you may be able to connect to your spirit guides - this actually happened in our previous retreats!!

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Radiance Codes

Receive the codes and upgrades, she will be activating your soul radiance!

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Daily Guided Meditations

Meditating daily will elevate our minds and souls and meditating in a group will help raise the Divine healing energy on this beautiful planet.

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Reserve Your Spot


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Bonus: Access to Awaken the Goddess Within Online Membership Hub!

Pay in full

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3 payments of $593




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8 payments of $222




** The email you use for your paypal email will be the email you will receive a welcome email to**


Once your first payment is complete you will be directed to our exclusive Facebook group where we will be connecting before the retreat with all the details of the location, food, house, etc!

NOTE: Terms are subject to change. The retreat is non-refundable. If you can no longer attend for any reason, the amount paid and/or outstanding may be applied towards an alternate program or service. Upon payment completion, you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

Location: Carefree, AZ

Thursday Feb 25 Please arrive between 3-5 pm

Sunday Feb 28 Departure around 10-11am

About your healers!


Avery Lane

I work with light leaders, energy healers, intuitive mentors + all spiritual entrepreneurial women through soulful synergy + energetic business strategies to activate her highest feminine
radiance in leadership so she can experience greater abundance, love and divine freedom in her leadership of light.

  • Instagram

Molly Elizabeth

Helping women find their power again and love themselves through intuitive healing and coaching! Find the Goddess within you and release anything that doesn't serve her.

I would love to hold space for you and help you call back pieces of your soul.

  • Facebook

extra bits of info <3

Adding your magic :

if you have a craft, a gift, a soull led business passion this is your space to share!

if you have something specific to offer or teach the group - let's connect so I can schedule it into our agenda! <3 that would not be there if she was not present. We know all will have much to learn from you and with you. 

Food n' accommodations :

... but I have an intolerance or don't like specific food... how can i enjoy my meals?!

don't worry babe! Dietary restrictions will be accommodated for group meals. We will be asking more about this in the pre-retreat questions we send to you after registration!

communication :

say "hello" to more members of your soul tribe!!!!

for each retreat, a private facebook group is created – this can help retreat participants get to know each other before the weekend, or collaborate on transportation, accommodation, resources, etc. In the past, women have found these groups helpful for feeling a sense of safety and community with each other before the retreat begins. The group will also be particularly helpful for coordinating travel arrangements.

Policy n' payment deets:

be sure to review for your safety & ours.. we would hate to have a miss-understanding..

all terms and conditions are here for you to see and know of before paying for your spot. no refunds are given for cancellations made 60 days before the retreat. if worse comes to worse and you absolutely need to cancel all but $500 will be refundable if a cancellation occurs 60 days or more before the retreat begins. 


Have a question?! Ask away!
We are here to answer any and all questions you have!

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